MultiCare is a local business, operated by a local family, caring for the people of this local community. Owners Robin and Mimi Wallis acquired the agency after Robin’s former employer suddenly shut down operations in Boise and announced that they were moving the company back East.  This came as a surprise to Robin, a general manager for this fortune 500 company, who had invested 30 years in the business!  Robin and Mimi had a very difficult decision to make.  With retirement still years away, would they follow Robin’s job with corporate benefits, financial security, and a position that he’d worked hard to earn?  Or, would their love for Boise, the community they’d chosen to raise a family in, keep them from following the ideal job with the commercial giant.

The grievous thought of uprooting their children and leaving the place they called home, was too much for this stable family.  They would stay in Idaho and face the challenges of a career change.  Together Robin and Mimi  were determined to use the rest of their working years to really make a difference, to help those in the community and in some way give back.  When the opportunity to purchase MultiCare was presented, they knew running a home care business was a way to help folks, a way to give back and a great way to bless the lives of those in the Treasure Valley.

While neither of them had previous experience in Health Care, they definitely had the heart!  Almost 20 years later, MultiCare has grown to be one of the leading home health and personal care agencies in the area.  With passionate, generous leaders like Robin and Mimi at the heart of the agency and a logo designed to put the heart of others in the hands of MultiCare, the staff is inspired daily to touch lives and be the difference for those they are honored to serve.

Robin still maintains a regular, full time work schedule at the office, where his door is always open, while Mimi can be found most days in her home office.  Mimi’s decision to take most of her work home, was made just after the birth of their first grandbaby, balancing work and the all-important task of grandparenting.   Family values have always resinated in the hearts of this couple, and this is reflected in the way they manage their team and encourage the staff to maintain a healthy work/home harmony.  Robin and Mimi continue to use their lives to bless others, as they had determined years ago, and they consistantly operate with integrity and compassion, as they lead the MultiCare team in Caring From The Heart.

MultiCare Mission Statement

MultiCare is committed to providing exceptional health care services that will enhance the quality of life and independence of our clients, in a friendly and dignified manner.

Medicaid & Medicare Certified

Most Insurance Accepted | Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Serving: Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, Emmett and the surrounding communities